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  1. Street_Fighter_II is a port of the arcade classic from Capcom.
  2. Street_Fighter_II is one of the most influential games of all time and now it is time to celebrate its 15th birthday.
  3. Street_Fighter_II: The World Warrior (1991) was a highly popular and immensely successful fighting game created by Capcom.
  4. Street_Fighter_II was followed by a slew of other games of similar design, some by Capcom, some by other companies.

Street Fighter Ii

  1. In 1991, Okamoto's Street_Fighter_II was released in the arcades.
  2. Street_Fighter_II has also been a popular source for films and cartoons.
  3. Today, Street_Fighter_II is routinely listed as one of the greatest video games of all time.
  4. One last piece of evidence pointing to these allegations is the popularity of Street_Fighter_II: Turbo on Xbox Live arcade.
  5. The Deluxe mode is not unlike the concept found in Hyper Street_Fighter_II and Vampire Chronicle.


  1. One of the most well-known competitors to Street_Fighter_II is Mortal Kombat, followed shortly afterwards by Virtua Fighter.
  2. There was also a US Street Fighter cartoon, which followed the plot of the Van Damme movie, and an anime titled Street_Fighter_II V.
  3. On the Capcom side of things there are fighters from Street Fighter (OK, mostly Street_Fighter_II), Dark Stalkers, and a few others. (Web site)
  4. This game is to Darkstalkers like what Street_Fighter_II Anniversay Collection was to the Street Fighter series for the most part. (Web site)


  1. Art of Fighting 2 was released after the incredible success of Street_Fighter_II, which had by then become the blueprint for fighting games.
  2. I've been disappointed by anime titles like Street_Fighter_II and Red Hawk, which emphasize fighting over story. (Web site)
  3. The original Mortal Kombat was developed as a reaction to the popular Capcom fighting game Street_Fighter_II, with simpler controls and digitized graphics.
  4. While Fatal Fury continued SNK's tradition of fighting games (like Street Smart), Capcom's well designed Street_Fighter_II went on to astounding success. (Web site)


  1. These four new characters were introduced in Super Street Fighter II.
  2. Perhaps most controversially, only 4 of the 10 initially selectable characters were from Street_Fighter_II: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Sagat.
  3. They were not playable characters in the original Street_Fighter_II, but they have been playable from Champion Edition onward.
  4. The characters in Street_Fighter_II were all associated with different countries around the world, although some countries had more than one representative.
  5. Each fighter has a power gauge, special moves, and super arts, but Street_Fighter_II characters have been given the shaft. (Web site)


  1. After adding in Balrog and Vega, they updated the files to Super Street Fighter II standards.
  2. The video above is a recut of the Street_Fighter_II movie focusing only on Chun-Li, Guile and Vega.
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