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  1. The Sunga dynasty (185 – 73 BCE) was established in 185 BCE, about 50 years after Ashoka 's death.
  2. The Sunga dynasty was then replaced by the subsequent Kanvas. (Web site)


  1. He was assassinated in 185 BC by his Brahmin general Pusyamitra Sunga, who made himself the ruler and established the Sunga dynasty. (Web site)

North India

  1. He was succeeded by Satakarni I, who defeated the Sunga dynasty of North India. (Web site)


  1. Pusyamitra Sunga assassinates the Mauryan emperor Brhadrata, bringing an end to that dynasty and founding the Sunga dynasty. (Web site)


  1. Its decline began fifty years after Ashoka's rule ended, and it dissolved in 185 BC with the foundation of the Sunga Dynasty in Magadha. (Web site)


  1. After the end of the Mauryans the Sunga dynasty came to power and was hostile to Buddhism.


  1. He founded the Sunga dynasty in the 2nd century BC. With the resurgence of the Sungas, Buddhism met with its first major setback.

Mauryan Empire

  1. Pusyamitra Sunga founded the Sunga dynasty (185 BC - 78 BC) and ruled just a fragmented part of the Mauryan Empire.
  2. Demetrius, the son of Euthydemus, started an invasion of India from 180 BC, a few years after the Mauryan empire had been overthrown by the Sunga dynasty. (Web site)

Mauryan Dynasty

  1. After the Mauryan dynasty, Pushyamitra established the Sunga dynasty that has a line of ten rulers of Magadh.
  2. The Mauryan Dynasty was overthrown in 185 BC by a general named Pusyamitra Sunga, who founded the Sunga Dynasty.

Sunga Dynasty

  1. The Sunga dynasty ruled the Sunga empire of central and eastern India from 185 BCE to around 73 BCE. The last ruler of the Mauryan dynasty was Brithadratha.
  2. After the death of Ashoka in 232 BC, the Mauryan Empire gave way to the Sunga dynasty, which did not give a direct royal patronage to Buddhism.


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