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  1. Sexual addiction is a very serious addiction.
  2. Sexual addiction is the persistent and escalating patters of SAO behaviors despite increasing negative consequences to the self and others.

Sexual Addiction

  1. Del Amo Hospital- Treatment for sexual addiction and sexual offending behavior.
  2. Online Sexual Addiction- Serving people concerned about their own or others' compulsive sexual behavior on the Web.


  1. Sexual addiction screening test, FAQ-s & articles.
  2. Sexual addiction is of en accompanied by other addictions.
  3. Sexual addiction, with its predictable course and family history, may meet these diagnostic criteria.
  4. This is for all people wanting to learn about Sexual Addiction: therapists, EAPs, recovering people and significant other.

Support Groups

  1. E-mail sexual addiction support group for addicts, partners & couples.
  2. Christian based email support group for wives of men struggling with sexual addiction.
  3. A recovery-based support group for those affected by a loved one's sexual addiction with links to on-line meetings and to various posting forums.


  1. The following links lead to pages of information about recovery from sexual addiction both on this site and elsewhere. (Web site)
  2. Recovery from Sexual Addiction - Numerous original articles explaining sex addiction as well as links to specially chosen articles on the web.


  1. Sexual addiction hurts both the addict and the addict's loved ones.
  2. Information and links for people suffering with sexual addiction and compulsivity.
  3. Offers sexual addiction self-tests, an FAQ on cybersex addiction & articles for sex & love addicts.
  4. We offer Christ-centered help to women who are suffering from the devastating effects of sexual addiction.


  1. What is Sexual Addiction? Compulsive sexuality is an addiction & a problem with control.
  2. The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been adapted for use in programs for eating disorders, compulsive gambling, sexual addiction, and other addictions.


  1. Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources An outreach to those whose lives have been affected by sexual addiction. (Web site)
  2. S-Anon is a 12-step group that helps those who are affected by the sexual addiction of a family member or a friend. (Web site)
  3. There is a national Co-Sex Addicts group (COSA) which aims to help people who are in relationships affected by sexual addiction.


  1. Positive and realistic counseling for sexual addiction.


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