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  1. The taut-line hitch is a useful knot for tying down a tent because it can be tightened or loosened by pushing the hitch up or down.
  2. The Taut-line Hitch is a friction knot used to form an adjustable loop in the guy line of a tent, dining fly or tarp. (Web site)
  3. The Taut-line hitch is an adjustable loop knot for use on lines under tension.
  4. The taut-line hitch is a multipurpose knot, because it is both adjustable and reliable. (Web site)
  5. The taut-line hitch is the most common knot of this type and is often referred to as an adjustable hitch.


  1. Demonstrate setting up a tent or dining fly using two half hitches and a taut-line hitch.

Adjustable Grip Hitch

  1. The Adjustable grip hitch is better than the Taut-line hitch.


  1. Based on Rolling hitch #1734, this version is the one most often seen named "Taut-line hitch", commonly in non-nautical sources.


  1. S ince it will only slide one way, the Taut-line hitch is often used on tent ropes.


  1. The taut-line hitch is tied to a line that is tight, or taut.


  1. For the related adjustable loop knot, see Taut-line hitch The Rolling hitch (or Magnus hitch) is a knot used to attach a rope to a rod, pole, or other rope. (Web site)


  1. Taut-line hitch Use: The Taut Line Hitch is an adjustable loop knot for use on lines under tension. (Web site)
  2. The midshipmans hitch is closely related to a taut-line hitch and can be adjusted to hold tension. (Web site)


  1. Demonstrate you know how to tie the following knots and tell what their uses are: two half hitches and the taut-line hitch.
  2. Pass the end of the rope through a tarp's grommet, tie a stevedore, and anchor the other end with a taut-line hitch. (Web site)
  3. Tips & Warnings Don't tie a taut-line hitch to secure a load on the back of a truck. (Web site)

Taut-Line Hitch

  1. I can only tie about 3 knots (bowline, taut-line hitch and a stopper knot) with confidence, but enjoy trying to learn more.
  2. Demonstrate setting up a tent or dining fly using two half-hitches and a taut-line hitch.
  3. Follow these steps to tie down a tent with a taut-line hitch.


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