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Generals Set

  1. The 1986-1987 season saw the Generals set a team record with 101 points for the season.


  1. In the 7-8 age group, Juliana Witting was first in all of her events and earned a team record in the freestyle with a time of 14.16.

Maple Leafs

  1. The Maple Leafs finished the 70 game schedule with a 41-16-13 mark and their.679 winning percentage remains a team record.

Maple Leaf

  1. In Toronto's second game of the 2007-08 NHL season Sundin scored his 389th goal as a Maple Leaf, tying Darryl Sittler 's team record.

Good Ones

  1. OL — Paul Gruber (1988-99) — A mainstay through the bad years and a leader during the good ones, his 183 games played is a team record.


  1. Mike Babcock and Steve Yzerman decided that as host nation, it would be fun to have the team record a friendly welcome message to the other teams.


  1. Wins from the pole at St. Petersburg and breaks team record for most consecutive seasons with a race victory (eight).
  2. However, the prior year, with a different coaching staff and philosophies, the team record was only 3 wins and 18 losses.


  1. Air Force (22-5) has a team record for wins, five more than previous record in 1957-58.


  1. Johnson coached five seasons with the Flames from 1982-87, and his 193 wins remains a team record.


  1. Combs hit.356 and lead the AL with 231 hits that year (a team record until Don Mattingly broke it with 238 in 1986), and had a.414 on base percentage.


  1. This was his career high for PIMs in a season and as of 2007, he still holds the team record for penalty minutes in a single season.
  2. Arturs Irbe set a team record in the game with his 12th win of the season.
  3. Pickens made the Pro Bowl twice with the Bengals and holds the team record for most receptions in the regular season at 100.


  1. The Bengals tied a team record with eight touchdowns in a game.
  2. In the game, Bengals' defensive back Lemmar Parrish set a single game team record by intercepting three passes, returning two of them for touchdowns.


  1. Tied for Montreal club record with Steve Shutt for goals in a season with 60 in 1977-78 and holds team record for points in a season with 136 in 1976-77.
  2. His 4 goals in one game is still a team record.
  3. A native of Sarnia, Ontario, Dino Ciccarelli played four seasons for the London Knights setting a team record for goals with 72 in 1977-78.


  1. Heatley and Alfredsson now each hold the team record for most points in a season with 103.


  1. But he exploded in year two, 1976-77, when he set a then-Minnesota North Stars team record for points with 95.

Team Record

  1. Alfredsson also set a team record for the most points in a regular season game with 7 (3 goals, 4 assists).
  2. Be sure and note what type of record (team record, league record, etc.) the person holds, as well as the year in which they were set, if applicable.
  3. Graves would set a team record with 52 goals, breaking the old record of 50 held by Vic Hadfield.


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