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  1. A telemarketing lead is a prospect that was personally contacted over the phone.

Telemarketing Lead

  1. Some telemarketing lead lists are compiled by using information from varied sources.
  2. Telemarketing lead management is process or procedures that help you gather data and utilize the data effectively and efficiently.
  3. The data you gather in earlier steps in the telemarketing lead management process can help you immensely with follow up calls.
  4. One of the major features of Prophet is how it makes it so easy for you to gather data into an effective telemarketing lead management system.
  5. A telemarketing lead that has scheduled an appointment produces a higher level of commitment than your typical prospect.

Lead Management

  1. The benefits to your business that comes from good telemarketing lead management are endless.
  2. Telemarketing lead management is essential to any business that uses telemarketing as part of their business practices.


  1. The information gathering features of Prophet are unmatched as a telemarketing lead management tool.
  2. Prophet, by Avidian, offers a great package that assists greatly with telemarketing lead management.
  3. Telemarketing lead management should help you gather the data quickly and access it quickly when you need it.
  4. Telemarketing lead management should help you automate tasks and quickly accomplish those tasks that cannot be automated.
  5. Once you have collected the data, telemarketing lead management helps you when you are dealing with leads you are following up with.


  1. Step three in telemarketing lead management – the follow up.
  2. With your telemarketing lead management system easily accessible, you pick up the phone.
  3. Using your telemarketing lead management program you speak with the client in a professional and effective manner.
  4. Telemarketing lead management starts before the call but should be flexible enough to help you through the whole sales process.
  5. Beyond helping with follow up, good telemarketing lead management it can help you through the whole sales process with a customer.


  1. Telemarketing lead management can help ensure that all of this is accomplished.
  2. Telemarketing lead management is intended to help you gather data and use it to ensure that your contacts are fruitful.


  1. First off, it is a telemarketing lead management program that operates within Outlook.
  2. During this call there is additional information that will be gathered and entered into your telemarketing lead management program.
  3. Programs that function as telemarketing lead management programs can also help you with sharing and reporting on the data you gather.
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