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John Lee Hooker

  1. As he grew up, he found himself on stage with such disparate tutors as John Lee Hooker, Thelonius Monk, the Soul Stirrers, Steve Miller and Jimi Hendrix. (Web site)


  1. Persichetti studied under masters and later taught another generation of noted musicians and composers, including Philip Glass and Thelonius Monk.


  1. John is also regularly involved with The Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz and has taught at the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead program in Washington, D. C. in 2000.


  1. The three will be joined by critically acclaimed saxophonist Bobby Watson and musicians from the Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz. (Web site)
  2. Jazz attracted him in his early teens after attending NYC appearances by Jimmy Smith, Thelonius Monk and the Dave Brubeck Qrt.

Dizzy Gillespie

  1. He pioneered the jazz style known as bebop, and was a major influence and contemporary of Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonius Monk.
  2. I had the pleasure of having played with Thelonius Monk once, Charlie Mingus once and Dizzy Gillespie once. (Web site)

Bill Evans

  1. Solo piano - traditional jazz classics by and about such greats as Thelonius Monk, Bill Evans, and Dave Brubeck.
  2. Songs by Billy Strayhorn, Thelonius Monk, Charles Mingus and Bill Evans are lovingly rendered, conjuring a raft of complex emotions.

Art Blakey

  1. An expatriate for more than forty years, Griffin was a veteran of bands led by luminaries like Lionel Hampton, Joe Morris, Art Blakey, and Thelonius Monk.

Herbie Hancock

  1. His playing has been compared to the likes of Chucho Valdez, Thelonius Monk, and Herbie Hancock.

Mccoy Tyner

  1. Many of the great Jazz pianists like Thelonius Monk or Herbie Hancock never specialized in trio music, others like McCoy Tyner failed miserably. (Web site)

Art Tatum

  1. His father, an amateur saxophonist, encouraged him to listen to vintage records by such figures as Powell, Art Tatum and Thelonius Monk. (Web site)
  2. His style and technique ranges from the floridness of Art Tatum, the lyricism of Franz List and the quirky melodic darkness of Thelonius Monk. (Web site)

John Coltrane

  1. Art Davis is a bassist, best known for his work with jazz musicians including John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, and Thelonius Monk.

Thelonius Monk

  1. Griffin played alongside such jazz legends as Thelonius Monk, Lionel Hampton, Art Blakey and John Coltrane over a career that spanned more than 50 years.
  2. Andrew Hill was born June 30, 1937 in Chicago and started playing jazz at age 13, copying the playing of Bud Powell, Thelonius Monk and Art Tatum.


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