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  1. THE_SWORD_AND_THE_SORCERER is the story of young Talon, whose wise and benevolent father is King over a rich and verdant land.
  2. THE_SWORD_AND_THE_SORCERER is the first film directed by the infamous Albert Pyun, a man who has been described as the Roger Corman of the 80s.
  3. The_Sword_and_the_Sorcerer was Albert Pyun's directorial debut (and it shows).

The Sword And The Sorcerer

  1. In THE_SWORD_AND_THE_SORCERER, there are a number of moments that are stunning and create that fantasy "sense o' wonder" for me.
  2. But never fear fans of The_Sword_and_the_Sorcerer, I am in the works of obtaining the rights and making the sequel come true.
  3. Albert Pyun's THE_SWORD_AND_THE_SORCERER, a bargain-basement budgeted, uninspired, and messy bloodfest from 1982, falls among the lowest end of the spectrum.
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