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  1. The all time record was 12.4 months of supply in January 2009. (Web site)


  1. Goaltender Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils sets the all time record for regular season wins by a goaltender with 552.

Past Three Years

  1. Ligety has won 6 National Championships in the past three years, putting him in 3rd, behind the the all time record of 9 held by Bode Miller and Tiger Shaw.


  1. This time, Stoner's early exit handed Rossi his 68th premier-class victory, matching countryman Giacomo Agostini's all time record. (Web site)

Time Record

  1. B-P's letters and diaries of the time record him removing beads from a dead African girl, with no mention of Dinizulu. (Web site)
  2. Enjoy. Roger Federer gets his 14th grand slam title and ties pete sampras all time record Watch his journey there.
  3. The previous U.S. time record for spacewalks was held by astronaut Jerry Ross, who has made nine spacewalks.


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