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  1. The towboat is a workhorse that can be found on inland rivers, harbors and coastal waters in all parts of the world.
  2. A towboat is a vessel that moves barges up and down the inland rivers and intra coastal waterways of the United States.
  3. A towboat is a boat designed for pushing barges.
  4. A towboat is a river vessel designed primarily to push barges and the like; actually she is a "pushboat" but is never called so.


  1. The Captain and Pilot steer the towboat.
  2. The towboat you see coming down on the bridge is the Motor Vessel Cahaba owned by Warrior Gulf Navigation out of Mobile, Alabama.
  3. The riverine cargo carrying tasks once assigned to riverboats are now largely handled by barges, tied together, and pushed by a towboat.
  4. Either way, these are photos from the East end of the bridge as the towboat CAHABA "blew for a draw," as it is called -- at the Rooster Bridge.
  5. The fact that the unseaworthy condition occurred after the towboat left port is immaterial.


  1. The rivermen who crew the towboat, (towboater) are constantly working in a high risk dangerous environment.
  2. Working on inland barges is extremely hands on and a towboater is constantly working either docking barges, building tow, or working on the towboat.


  1. Towboat size Towboats range in size from 600 horsepower up to over 10,000 horsepower.
  2. This towboat is a lean, mean package that packs a ton of attitude into 20 feet 8 inches.
  3. A Tugboat is a small powerful boat designed for towing or pushing larger vessels, also called a towboat.
  4. Horse-drawn boat Not to be confused with the modern towboat.
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  1. The towboat is approaching the bridge with barges loaded with coal.
  2. The towboat hit the bridge while trying to back away, but the current caught it, turned it sideways, and sank it.


  1. The towboat pushes one or more barges that are held together with rigging and is called collectively the tow.
  2. The duty to provide a towboat that is reasonably safe extends to all parts of the vessel and tow and to almost all facets of its operation.
  3. The warranty of seaworthiness extends to all parts of the towboat including the hull, appliances, gear and equipment, the tow, even the towboat's crew.


  1. Towboat and mixed cargo barges on the Chang Jiang (Yangtze) river.
  2. A photographic record of towboat movements on the Upper Mississippi River from Alton to mile 25 on the Lower Illinois.

Crew Member

  1. A towboat crew member is entitled to maintenance and cure when injured or taken ill while in the service of the towboat.
  2. The towboat company's obligation of cure is not merely to reimburse an injured towboat crew member for medical expenses.
  3. The obligation of the towboat company to pay maintenance and cure terminates when the crew member reaches Maximum Medical Improvement.


  1. The crew of a towboat varies from co mpany to company.
  2. To maximize profit many towboat schedules require crew members to serve a 30 day hitch.
  3. The deckhands are the grunts of the towboat crew.
  4. The crew live aboard the towboat as it travels along the inland river system and or the intracoastal waterways.
  5. The towboat company must also make arrangements for the towboat crew member to obtain the medical care if the crew member is not in a position to do so.


  1. As the plaintiff, you may sue the towboat company under the Jones Act in either Federal Court or in State Court.
  2. The entire crew of a towboat from the captain to the cook is covered under Federal General Maritime Law and the Jones Act.


  1. The nature of the towboat and barge industry on the inland river system is very dangerous.
  2. Towboat companies, as a rule, have trouble finding and keeping competent people to do the dangerous, lonely work of a deckhand or tankerman.


  1. The towboat company has no right to ask for a jury trial if you decide to have your case tried by a Judge alone.
  2. In a classic case, factually not related to a towboat but illustrative for the point to be made, the plaintiff was a crew member of a fishing trawler.


  1. Navigation is the responsibility of the towboat captain and the pilots who rotate wheel house watch during the voyage.
  2. It is sufficient if the illness manifests itself during the voyage or hitch aboard the towboat.


  1. On April 19, 1979 towboat CAHABA, under the command of Capt.
  2. Claim: Series of photographs shows a towboat rolling under a bridge and emerging from the other side.


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