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  1. The trade balance is heavily in New Zealand's favour, with imports from Wallis and Futuna to New Zealand negligible.


  1. Trade Balance: China had a favorable trade balance of US$32 billion in 2004 and US$38.7 billion in 2003.
  2. Favorable trade balance Condition that total exports of a nation exceed total imports, creating a net export. (Web site)

Gross Domestic Product

  1. Some of the most important indicators of a country economic growth are: 1) Gross Domestic Product, 2) The unemployment rate and 3) The trade balance.

Trade Balance

  1. If exports of goods exceed imports, the trade balance is said to be favorable; if imports exceed exports, the trade balance if said to be unfavorable.
  2. Bahmani-Oskooee and Kara (2003) and Wilson and Tat (2001) use cointegration to examine the effect of depreciation on exports and the trade balance.
  3. However, with domestic demand led growth (as in the United States and Australia) the trade balance will worsen at the same stage in the business cycle. (Web site)


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