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  1. Tribology is a term coined in the mid-1960s to describe the study of interacting moving surfaces.
  2. Tribology is the science of wear.
  3. Tribology is a derivation of the Greek word "Tribos" which means "rubbing". (Web site)
  4. Tribology is defined as the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion.
  5. Tribology is a science of friction, wear and lubrication of moving components. (Web site)

Engineering Tribology

  1. Search Engineering Tribology from UK database and other international databases. (Web site)
  2. Advanced Tribology is a cross-disciplinary course on the basic principles of the science and engineering of tribology.


  1. Joint tribology conference; proceedings; 2v.
  2. ITC Member Societies will wish to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Tribology.
  3. The next World Tribology Congress (WTC IV) will be held in Japan in 2009 over the period 6th to 11th September.
  4. This collection of fully peer-reviewed papers were presented at the 26th Leeds-Lyon Tribology Symposium which was held in Leeds, UK, 14-17 September, 1999.

Tribology Research

  1. While at Northwestern University, Rodgers was involved in tribology research with Caterpillar.
  2. A web site providing a forum for students and lecturers to share ideas on tribology research.
  3. By contacting the VTI, companies have easy access to centers of excellence in the field of tribology and their research facilities (labs, equipment).


  1. Research group on surface engineering and tribology.
  2. Research on adhesion in surface engineering and tribology is a recent topic within the SURF-group.
  3. Surface properties-behavior relations, (nano)tribology, tribochemistry, bio-nanointerface,biomaterials, nanomanufacturing, and CMP.


  1. Material for publication may be submitted to the Editor , Indian Journal of Tribology at the following address.
  2. Transactions of the ASME. Journal of tribology.
  3. Aksit, M.F. and Tichy, J.A., 1998. Wear of brush seals: background and new modeling approach. STLE Tribology Transactions 42 3, pp. 368–374.
  4. Lovell, M. R., Khonsari, M. "On the frictional characteristics of ball bearings coated with solid lubricants," ASME Journal of Tribology.


  1. Topics covered include surface engineering, engine tribology, biotribology, friction and wear. (Web site)
  2. Rodgers- research focuses on the contact mechanics area of tribology, which is the study of friction, wear and lubrication.
  3. The control of friction and wear, the aim of the subject, is comprehensively and accessibly addressed in this 2nd edition of Engineering Tribology.
  4. Tribology aspects like friction, frictional heating and wear play an important rule in machine and instrument lifetime and performance.


  1. To book your place contact Tina Churcher on 020 7973 1258 or email uk .
  2. For more details on the Space Tribology Course, visit and go to the 'ESTL Tribology Course' page.

Falex Tribology

  1. Falex Tribology NVConsultant service in Falex tribometers. new materials and lubricants. laboratory.
  2. Standardized friction and wear test equipment is accessible through a spin-off company of the SURF-group, Falex Tribology N.V.

Tribology Laboratory

  1. The tribology laboratory is working on including wear in dynamic models for mechanisms.
  2. In addition to working on new materials, the tribology laboratory is working on a number of solid lubricating systems.
  3. School of Mechanical Engineering Tribology Laboratory (METL) was founded by Professor Sadeghi in the spring of 1986 upon his arrival at Purdue University.


  1. This 650-page illustrated book provides a detailed coverage of tribology principles for the most common abrasive processes. (Web site)
  2. Another section compiles knowledge on the effects of fluids and the tribology of lubricants in grinding and other abrasive processes. (Web site)

Mechanical Engineers

  1. On the 12th and 13th July 2006 the Institution of Mechanical Engineers hosted Tribology 2006 at its Headquarters in London.
  2. Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers Also covers tribology, vibrations, materials, stress and fatigue, instrumentation, and engineering economics.

Tribology Group

  1. In our tribology section, we use plasma-enchanced CVD to produce NFC coating. (Web site)
  2. NAE. Fluid flow, high pressure rheology, lubrication, tribology, thermomechanics.
  3. The following is a sample of publications that may be of interest to members of the Tribology Division.
  4. -Tribology is a three body problem,- he said, -involving two solids in contact and a lubricant.
  5. Recent textbooks discuss the economic impact of tribology in their introductions, Rabinowicz (1995), and Hutchings (1992).


  1. Applied Tribology focuses on the design and analysis of machine elements. (Web site)
  2. He teaches machine design for undergraduates, and tribology and machine design in graduate school. (Web site)
  3. Hence tribo'logical a., of or pertaining to tribology; tri'bologist, an expert or specialist in tribology.
  4. The design of tribological machine components and the application of tribology in manufacturing processes.
  5. Center for Tribology - CET - Center For Tribology, Inc. is a tribology testing laboratory and a provider of tribology test instrumentation.

Oil Analysis

  1. Oil analysis, tribology and other slippery topics The Web can even show you how to test snake oil and dispose of it properly.
  2. Every time I get in my car and turn on the radio, it seems that I hear something about predictive maintenance oil analysis tribology.


  1. He joined the University of Sheffield in 1994 and lectures in tribology and fluid mechanics.
  2. Group at the University of Sheffield Tribology ResearchResearch, Teaching and Consultancy in a wide rage of tribology related areas.


  1. A unique technical conference focusing on cutting-edge research in the multidisciplinary field of tribology.
  2. Professor N A Bushe, one of the world's highly regarded tribologists, is the Tribology Gold Medal Winner for 2002. See his citation.
  3. Tribology consultants focusing on design evaluation, failure investigation, engineering training and expert witness services.

Tribology Mechanical

  1. Tribology, machinery troubleshooting, vibration, condition monitoring.
  2. Familiarity information: TRIBOLOGY used as a noun is very rare. (Web site)
  3. In the non-mechanical field, tribology chiefly studies bio-tribology and tribology of the human body.
  4. Participants will also receive a free copy of the Space Tribology Handbook.
  5. Welcome to, your independent guide to Tribology Mechanical Engineering.


  1. In the latter case, certain areas are avoided, notably, the huge effort toward nano-tribology and atomistic approaches both modeling and instrumentation.


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