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Periodic Function

  1. A trigonometric polynomial can be considered a periodic function on the real line, with period some multiple of 2π, or as a function on the unit circle. (Web site)

Trigonometric Interpolation

  1. For trigonometric interpolation, this function has to be a trigonometric polynomial, that is, a sum of sines and cosines of given periods.

Trigonometric Polynomial

  1. A trigonometric polynomial of degree N has a maximum of N roots in any open interval [ a, a + 2π) with a in R.
  2. For instance, rational interpolation is interpolation by rational function s, and trigonometric interpolation is interpolation by trigonometric polynomial s.
  3. This can be seen as a form of polynomial interpolation with harmonic base functions, see trigonometric interpolation and trigonometric polynomial.


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