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  1. When a true null hypothesis is rejected, it is called Type I error (a).

Random Variable

  1. For any hypothesis, we define a random variable H i that equals 0 if it is under H 0 (true null hypothesis), and equals 1 under H 1 (false null).

Test Statistic

  1. Generally, if the distribution of the test statistic is continuous, under the true null hypothesis, the P value is uniformly distributed between 0 and 1.

Collecting Data

  1. However, formulating the null hypothesis before collecting data, rejects a true null hypothesis only a small percent of the time.


  1. Alpha is a probability, a probability of rejecting a true null hypothesis.

False Null Hypothesis

  1. The outcome that a researcher desires is to reject a false null hypothesis or to fail to reject a true null hypothesis.

True Null Hypothesis

  1. Before data is collected one must specify a level of significance, or the probability of committing a Type I error (rejecting a true null hypothesis).
  2. It is the minimum probability of not rejecting a true null hypothesis (committing a Type I error) and is equal to one minus the significance level.
  3. Alpha - the probability of a Type I error, which is a situation where a true null hypothesis is incorrectly rejected.


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