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  1. Tulcea is a Romanian county (Judeţ) in the Dobrogea region, with the capital city at Tulcea (population: 96,813). (Web site)
  2. Tulcea is a pleasant town, much nicer than we expected.
  3. Tulcea is the gate of the Danube Delta, the administrative center of the county, a touristic place, as well.
  4. Tulcea - the starting point for trips to the Danube Delta.
  5. Tulcea is a county (jude--) in the East of Romania, the North side of the Dobrogea region, with the capital city at Tulcea (population: 96,813).

Danube Delta

  1. A visit to Tulcea is recommended for nature lovers and those who fancy a boat trip on the Danube Delta. (Web site)
  2. Departure to Tulcea, the gate of Danube Delta, the paradise of flora and fauna, unique in Europe.
  3. DAY 3 Tulcea Reconnect with nature, explore Europe’s last great wilderness destination, Danube Delta.


  1. Chilia Veche is a village situated 50 miles north-east of Tulcea on Chilia Arm.
  2. Mahmudia, a village situated 22 miles south-east of Tulcea on the road to Independenta, is a river port.
  3. Independenta (former Murighiol), a village situated 25 miles south-east of Tulcea, is placed at the main turn of the Sf-ntu Gheorghe branch.
  4. In the afternoon we sail along the Nebunu Lake, through the Canal of the 36th Mile, back to Tulcea. (Web site)


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  1. So, driving from Braila to Tulcea, you have the rugged hills of northern Dobrogea on one side, and the Danube on the other.
  2. Exarhul de la Vicina (Isaccea sau Tulcea de azi) devine Mitropolitul T--rii Rom--ne--ti.
  3. Salariatii aeroportului "Delta Dunarii" din Tulcea se pregatesc de greva.
  4. Primaria Tulcea " orasul de la portile Deltei Dunarii Informa ii detaliate despre ora , cultur i principalele atrac ii turistice .
  5. Other areas like Cataloi, Babadag in the Dobrogean Highlands part of our Guide to County Tulcea, along with the Delta Margin towns like Murighiol.


  1. Daily boat service from Tulcea to Sulina and to Sfantu Gheorghe. (Web site)
  2. Uzlina, a village 40 miles south-east of Tulcea, is one of the few fishing settlements on the left bank of Sf-ntu Gheorghe branch.
  3. After Tulcea, you will continue the trip by bus to Jurilovca, little fishermen village with beautiful traditional houses.
  4. Sf-ntu Gheorghe, a village situated at the spot where the branch of the Danube by the same name flows into the sea, lies 70 miles south-east of Tulcea.


  1. Once arrived here in Tulcea, you will have a boat trip in the Delta, with lunch on board, leading to Sf.
  2. From Tulcea out to Chillia, Sulina and Sfantu Gheorghe, birds of all kinds abound in this rich natural resource in what is Europe's newest land.
  3. In Tulcea, trying to find out how to get a boat down the river, I met the daughter of Daniel's partner (Irina), who told me her father could take me. (Web site)
  4. Later in the day, board on a boat trip to the Purchelu mixed bird colony close to Tulcea, the county.
  5. After breakfast we take you to Tulcea, transfer into a boat and explore some of the main channels and lakes of the Delta. (Web site)


  1. In the morning going back to Tulcea on the biggest channel - Sulina Channel. (Web site)
  2. You can go boat along any of the three main channels, into which the Danube divides a few miles upstream from the city of Tulcea. (Web site)

Tulcea County

  1. Isaccea (population: 5,614) is a small town in the Tulcea county, in Dobruja, Romania, on the right bank of the Danube, 35 km north-west of Tulcea.
  2. In Tulcea, is a visiting centre for the Delta.
  3. Also an inscription found at the Tulcea Museum of Archaeology mentions the name Aegyssus for the town.
  4. Around 1848, Tulcea was still a small shipyard city, being awarded city status in 1860, when it became a province capital. (Web site)
  5. Cultural Mecca Tulcea still has residual traditions from the Turkish days, and pastries in particular can be a very pleasant surprise.


  1. The Tulcea --- Br--ila roadway crosses the town.
  2. Viele der Menschen hier arbeiten in den nahen St-dten Tulcea, Br-ila und Galati.
  3. D ie Gemeinde Isaccea befindet sich im Tulcea-Landesbezirk, gelegen an der -22- zwischen den St-dten Tulcea und Br-ila. (Web site)

Danube River

  1. The Danube Margins Extending south-east from Tulcea a lone two-lane road trundles towards the Delta, running along the last ground along the St. George Arm.
  2. The Danube River splits to form the northern Chilia Arm and the southern Tulcea Arm just north of Tulcea.
  3. Visit Tulcea, one of the oldest cities in Romania, and continue with an exploration of the Danube Delta, one of Europe's leading wildlife sanctuaries. (Web site)
  4. Halmyris, Tulcea, Romania- Where the Danube River empties into the Black Sea lays the historic Roman fort and military supply depot at Halmyris. (Web site)


  1. The monasteries of Tulcea county, virtually all of them situated at the base of the Macin Mountains, are unpretentious. (Web site)
  2. Unpitching the tents and leaving the campsite for the Town of Macin.Transfer to Tulcea by minibus and to Crisan(a tipcal delta village) by boat.


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  1. Three ports -- Braila, Galati and Tulcea -- are both river and sea ports, capable of receiving seagoing ships of up to 7,500 dwt and a draught of 7.0 m. (Web site)
  2. Three ports, Braila, Galati and Tulcea, are both river and maritime ports.


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  3. Tulcea and Constanţa, c lick on either map below for details.


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