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  1. The Turdetani were in constant contact with their Greek and Carthaginian neighbors.
  2. The Turdetani are considered the least warlike of all the Spanish tribes; nevertheless, trusting to their numbers, they ventured to oppose the Roman armies.


  1. Turduli and Turdetani are believed to be of Tartessian language.
  2. He then marched southwards and put down a revolt by the Turdetani and Celtiberian tribes.
  3. The Scipios were consolidating their positions, and Hasdrubal was active in Andalusia, where the Turdetani were restless.
  4. At the opening of the Second Punic War the Turdetani rose against their Roman governor in 197.
  5. Olvera or Lepe di Ronda, near Carmona), a tributary town of the Turdetani, in Hispania Baetica, belonging to the conventus of Hispalis.


  1. So, when I have played the Turdetani, which I will for sure, I will not find the Bastetani so interesting to play.
  2. In Further Spain there are the subjugated Hispanic tribes of the Turdetani, Bastetani and the Carpetani.
  3. I like the Asturians, and the Bastetani look good, as usual, but, yes, VERY similar to the Turdetani.
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