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  1. Turduli movement in red, Celtici in brown and Lusitanian in blue.
  2. Turduli and Turdetani are believed to be of Tartessian language.
  3. The Turduli and Turdetani, probably descendants of the Tartessians, are established in the area of the Guadiana river, in the south of modern Portugal. (Web site)
  4. Other authors consider the Andalusian Turduli to have been here at the same time as the Bracari, and that they lived side by side. (Web site)
  5. Turduli Veteres - Ancient Turduli living south of the estuary of the Douro River.


  1. Turduli movement in red, Celtici in brown and Lusitanian in blue.
  2. The Turduli hired a force of 10,000 Celtiberian mercenaries and prepared to carry on hostilities with foreign arms.
  3. The peoples are the Celtici, the Turduli, and, about the Tagus, the Vettones. (Web site)
  4. Toda la zona, hasta Mellaria, se indica como perteneciente a los Bastuli y a partir de Belon, de los Turduli.
  5. Lusitanians at AllExperts Turduli movement in red, Celtic in brown and Lusitanian in a blue colour.
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