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  1. United Russia is a party of like-minded individuals -- but only in the sense that its members want to be big bosses.
  2. United Russia is a party of bureaucrats, not politicians.
  3. United Russia is the largest and most popular party in Russia. (Web site)
  4. United Russia is a young party and is still in the process of formation.
  5. United Russia is a party to which we - some of us officially and others not - belong.

Young Party

  1. United Russia is a young party.


  1. In this respect, United Russia has reached, or at least is approaching, its moment of truth.

Current Head

  1. The current head of the United Russia is Duma Speaker and former Interior Minister Boris Gryzlov, elected as a party leader in November 2002.

Strong Showing

  1. In the October 2005 local elections, United Russia was expected to cruise to a solid victory; however, the Pensioners Party put up a strong showing. (Web site)

Political Parties

  1. There are no moves on the part of the international groupings of political parties to invite United Russia to join their ranks.

Political Party

  1. Khorkina has been a member of the political party of United Russia since 2003. (Web site)
  2. And the big winner was United Russia, the political party backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Prime Minister

  1. Or, this may be the beginning of a tradition whereby the head of United Russia is always made Prime Minister. (Web site)


  1. The pro-government party, United Russia, won a constitutional majority (more than two-thirds) of the seats in the Duma. (Web site)
  2. The pro-government party, United Russia, won close to half of the seats in the Duma. (Web site)

President Vladimir Putin

  1. There is little doubt that victory is assured for the "United Russia" party, which has the support of President Vladimir Putin. (Web site)
  2. Opinion polls have predicted that the United Russia, the pro-Kremlin party with President Vladimir Putin as its No.


  1. The ruling party, United Russia, is a not a party that holds power; it is a party that services the powers-that-be.


  1. This has not happened (and was more likely a ploy to encourage more Russians to vote for United Russia as a patriotic move). (Web site)


  1. The closer the elections gets, the more fierce debates over self-identification of United Russia will become.


  1. To begin with, the CPSU was in itself strong, while United Russia borrows influence from the president.


  1. He has to build the senators' representation in United Russia because the position of the party in the upper house of the parliament are clearly weak.
  2. Seeking a broad mandate for Putin's Plan only makes sense if United Russia intends to strengthen the political weight of the parliament. (Web site)


  1. In the town of Pestovo in the western Novgorod region, voters complained they were given ballots already filled out for United Russia, he said.

Three Candidates

  1. The Krasnoyarsk episode displayed the true nature of this practice when United Russia supported three candidates at once.


  1. United Russia, widely seen as the party of bureaucrats, entered the campaign Sunday without a slogan to set itself apart in the eyes of the voters.

United Russia Party

  1. Russian politics are now dominated by President Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party.
  2. The other option is to insitutionalize power in the office of the Prime Minister or the head of the United Russia party and keep it there. (Web site)


  1. At the 2003 legislative elections, United Russia reduced all other parties to minority status.


  1. And, of course, it is unlikely that the chief "ice-breaker" - Vladimir Putin - will join the Duma (and still is not a member of the United Russia party).
  2. The United Russia party will use its allotted airtime to show campaign ads, instead of participating in televised debates.
  3. The 2007 election campaign of the United Russia party went under the slogan "Putin's Plan: Russia's Victory".

State Duma

  1. Ak Zhol says it sees Russia -- where the United Russia party controls more than two-thirds of seats in the State Duma -- as a guiding model.


  1. The biggest and most popular party in Russia is United Russia, which supports the policies of Vladimir Putin.
  2. Russia is a one party dominant state with United Russia in power.
  3. They are like founding fathers of the three components of United Russia, namely Unity, Fatherland, and All Russia.


  1. Putin isn't actually a member of any political bloc, but he openly campaigned for United Russia.
  2. This is my prophecy: Putin will be elected (as United Russia will be the first party in Duma) and he will be automatically a premier. (Web site)
  3. Putin invited United Russia leaders to meet with him at his residence outside Moscow ahead of the 2003 elections, and he has had them over again this year.

United Russia

  1. Putin is a chairman of United Russia, a party that has 70 percent of the seats in the State Duma, the lower house. (Web site)
  2. But United Russia does hold a majority in the lower house of parliament, its representatives head all the committees in the State Duma.
  3. But if you look at all of the main players in the Chechen government, they are all members of the party in power in Russia itself, United Russia.


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