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  1. Vladimir Komarov was a cosmonaut who was born on March 16, 1927, in Moscow. (Web site)
  2. Vladimir Komarov was killed in landing due to fouled parachute lines.


  1. Vladimir Komarov was killed in landing due to fouled parachute lines.


  1. Vladimir Komarov went on to be awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin, each one twice.


  1. In April, the Soviets launched their new generation spacecraft, Soyuz 1, with Vladimir Komarov aboard. (Web site)


  1. The three cosmonauts were Vladimir Komarov, the commander of the spacecraft, Boris Yegorov, a doctor and Konstantin Feoktistov, an engineer.


  1. The commander, Vladimir Komarov, reported that the crew was ready for the flight.


  1. Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov died in the Soyuz 1 spacecraft on April 24, 1967, when it crashed during landing.
  2. Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov arrives at the Soviet space launch site, Tyuratam, for the Soyuz 1 launch.
  3. The ill-fated Soyuz 1 mission in 1967 was the first launch of the spacecraft, which resulted in the death of Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov during re-entry. (Web site)


  1. Vladimir Komarov (1927-1967) who flew Soyuz-1 with a malfunctioning attitude-control system was killed during re-entry when its parachute failed to open.


  1. The first launch of Soyuz, with a single cosmonaut, Vladimir Komarov, aboard, took place on April 23, 1967. (Web site)
  2. An example, timed to celebrate inter national solidarity, was the ill- fated flight of Vladimir Komarov in Soyuz 1.
  3. An example, timed to celebrate international solidarity, was the ill-fated flight of Vladimir Komarov in Soyuz 1. (Web site)

Vladimir Komarov

  1. Gagarin was backup pilot for Vladimir Komarov in the Soyuz 1 flight.
  2. A few weeks before launch, the pilot, Vladimir Komarov, a close friend of Gagarin, said, "If I don't make this flight, they'll send the backup pilot instead.
  3. In April 1967, Vladimir Komarov died when Soyuz 1 crashed on re-entry due to a design fault. (Web site)


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