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  1. A volcanic arc is a chain of volcanic islands or mountains located near the edge of continents that are formed as the result of tectonic plate subduction. (Web site)
  2. Volcanic Arc: A generally curved linear belt of volcanoes above a subduction zone, and the volcanic and plutonic rocks formed there.

Volcanic Arcs

  1. The south Aegean Volcanic Arc was formed, the eastward bending of the Hellenic Orocline, due to the increased ductility of the area, was completed.
  2. Mount McLoughlin is a stratovolcano in the southern Oregon part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc and the Cascade Range, within the Sky Lakes Wilderness.


  1. The magmatism associated with the volcanic arc occurs 100-300 km away from the trench.
  2. Exotic terranes accreted to the western margin of the continent moved the trench (and thus the position of the volcanic arc) westward.


  1. A forearc is a depression in the sea floor located between an accretionary wedge and a volcanic arc in a subduction zone, and lined with trapped sediment.
  2. The islands are part of a volcanic arc, the Sunda Arc, formed by subduction along the Java Trench. (Web site)
  3. Introduction to Volcanic Arc systems highlights the importance of understanding how subduction zones operate. (Web site)


  1. The forearc lies between the trench and the volcanic arc.
  2. Ophiolites could represent forearc, early stage volcanic arc (see island arc or backarc lithosphere.


  1. A volcanic arc grows above the subducting plate.
  2. Figure 15 - The oceanic-continental convergent plate boundary where the subducting oceanic plate partially melts, creating a volcanic arc on the continent.
  3. A trench marks the position at which the flexed, subducting slab begins to go under, on the convex side and between 50 and 250 km from a volcanic arc.

Lesser Antilles

  1. We call these lines of volcanoes a volcanic arc because they form an arcuate shape in map view.
  2. Kick ' em Jenny is a small but frequently active submarine volcano on the Caribbean side of the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc.
  3. However, a relationship has been found, which relates volcanic arc location to depth of the subducted crust as defined by the Wadati-Benioff zone.


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