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Muslim Rulers

  1. After the fall of Kakatiyas of Warangal, the south too came under influence of Muslim rulers who brought with them distinctive architecture and culture.

Large Army

  1. In 1323 the Delhi Sultan Ghiaz-ud-din Tughlaq sent a large army under Ulugh Khan to conquer the Telugu country and lay siege to Warangal.


  1. Muhammad bin Tughlaq after defeating the king of Warangal took Hakka and Bukka as prisoners of war to Delhi, where they were converted to Islam by force.
  2. One such theory states that Bukka and Hakka were born in the Kuruba clan and were commanders in the army of the King of Warangal.
  3. Musunuri Nayaks recaptured Warangal from the Delhi Sultanate in 1326 CE and ruled for fifty years.


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