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  1. William McArthur is a MENSA member who was also an NASA Astronaut. (Web site)
  2. William McArthur is an American astronaut who was born on July 26, 1951, in North Carolina. (Web site)

William Mcarthur

  1. William McArthur: Ben, it is so much fun I can-t believe that this is actually a job for which I get paid.
  2. William McArthur: Daisy, absolutely, twice a day and I use exactly the same type of toothbrush and the same type of toothpaste I use on the Earth.
  3. William McArthur: Well, Dean, by the very definition of buoyancy, since there is no gravity to work against, there really is no buoyancy either.

Astronaut William

  1. Astronaut William McArthur answered 17 questions on any topics.
  2. William McArthur: Carina, in general it does pretty much what it does on the ground because we are not very high.

Cosmonaut Valery Tokarev

  1. US astronaut William McArthur, left, salutes US space tourist Gregory Olsen, centre, as Russian cosmonaut Valery Tokarev looks on during testing. (Web site)
  2. Olsen, American astronaut William McArthur and Russian cosmonaut Valery Tokarev blasted off from the Baikonur launch facility in Kazakhstan on Oct. (Web site)

Mcarthur Jr

  1. William McArthur: Shannon, yes, a spider can.
  2. William McArthur: Mitchell, there are no age requirements.
  3. The commander is William McArthur, 54, a retired Army colonel.
  4. William McArthur: George, as a matter of fact, right now Valery is running on a treadmill.
  5. And so it was this morning 250 miles above the Earth when astronaut William McArthur Jr.

Russian Cosmonaut

  1. He will be joining the Expedition 12 crew which will also include American astronaut William McArthur and Russian cosmonaut Valery Tokarev. (Web site)
  2. Vinogradov and Williams would be taking over from the currently stationed ISS crew Russian cosmonaut Valery Tokarev and U.S. astronaut William McArthur. (Web site)
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