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  1. Wind is a renewable energy source.
  2. Wind is a limitless resource.
  3. Wind is used to generate electricity.
  4. Wind is a form of solar power.
  5. The wind is the fuel source for wind energy.

Wind Energy

  1. See Wind Energy Photos page for wind farm photographs. (Web site)
  2. Renewable sources of energy are those which are not exhaustible, such as solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy. (Web site)
  3. Pacific Hydro owns approximately 25.2% of the issued capital of Western Wind Energy Corporation.


  1. The REPP methodology has been applied to national wind and photo-voltaic (PV) development efforts.
  2. Taylor also reviews several countrywide NREL supported programs that have brought PV and wind systems to remote villages.

Wind Turbines

  1. A marketer of small wind turbines. (Web site)
  2. The area swept by most wind turbine blades is circular.
  3. Denmark already gets 21% of its electricity from wind turbines. (Web site)
  4. Currently, more than 20,000 wind turbines are used for generating electricity around the world and over a million for pumping water (Boyle, 1996, p.29).

Wind Power

  1. The worldwide capacity of installed wind power was 4,900 megawatts in 1995 [70]. (Web site)
  2. India already is the world---s fifth-largest wind power provider, with 2,000 MW installed capacity.
  3. A problem with wind power, Thresher said, is that wind is an intermittent source, so turbines are not always dependable power sources.


  1. Wind-powered electricity is gaining in popularity.
  2. In theory, wind systems can produce electricity 24 hours every day.

Renewable Energy

  1. Wind Green energy sources are renewable energy sources.
  2. Zilkha Renewable Energy is a wind energy company that develops, builds, owns and operates utility scale wind projects.

Power Generation

  1. Utility-scale wind power plants. (Web site)
  2. Small-scale wind power in rural Indiana.
  3. Comparing wind, solar and hydro power sources.
  4. Wind power is an incredibly clean renewable power source.
  5. There is no limit of sun, wind and wave power, we just need to harness it.

Energy Technology

  1. Wind energy is the world's fastest-growing energy technology.
  2. International news magazine of wind energy development.
  3. Wind energy is considered a green power technology because it has only minor impacts on the environment.


  1. Wind turbines can be situated either onshore or offshore. (Web site)
  2. And, the costs of offshore wind or wave are stable. (Web site)


  1. Building wind turbine generators and geothermal power plants.
  2. Barre, Vermont: Northern Power Systems owns and maintains a 100kW wind turbine in Barre, Vermont.
  3. Figure 1 A diagram of the inside of a wind turbine nacelle, this is a grid connected 225 kW (Vestas V27-225 design).

Wind Speed

  1. Wind speed varies throughout the country. (Web site)
  2. This wind speed is typically between 7 and 10 mph.
  3. This average wind speed is required for most applications.


  1. It has the largest installed geothermal-, hydro-, and wind-generated electricity capacity in the world.
  2. Wind turbines should be installed by qualified, experienced people.

Energy Projects

  1. Wind energy is an intermittent resource.
  2. Wind energy is classified by wind speed.
  3. Gipe was able to present an overview of Wind Energy. (Web site)
  4. Information on solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and geothermal energy. (Web site)
  5. Many wind energy system manufacturers are also power generators. (Web site)


  1. Some wind turbines are sold complete with tower.
  2. The same tower could have TWO rotors. One for wind and one for water. (Web site)
  3. Other designs operate in a downwind mode so that the wind passes the tower before striking the blades.


  1. This problem threatens to discourage wind turbine installation.
  2. Design installation and sale of solar electric wind and water pumping systems.


  1. A database of information on photovoltaics, thermic and wind power.
  2. Photovoltaics and wind turbine intallation panels inverters and components for the Carolinas.

Energy Resources

  1. The renewable energy resources in Bangladesh are solar, wind and biomass.
  2. Wind power is an affordable, cost-competitive renewable energy resource.
  3. About Wave Energy. Waves are a free and sustainable energy resource created as wind blows over the ocean surface. (Web site)


  1. The program, initiated by the NWCC with the support of DOE, is managed by the Utility Wind Interest Group [87]. (Web site)
  2. The utility is planning to expand the Buffalo Ridge project by 100 megawatts with 143 700-kilowatt Zond Systems, Inc. wind turbines. (Web site)
  3. However, a wind turbine can also be a valuable part of an energy supply system independent from the utility grid.

Wind Resource

  1. Check out For clickable NY wind resource maps.
  2. For information on solar and wind resources in China see the Solar and Wind Energy Resources Assessment (SWERA) site.
  3. For a given turbine design, turbines sited where the wind resource is more intermittent will have a lower capacity factor.

Solar Wind

  1. Solar and wind energy systems.
  2. Renewable solar wind and micro-hyrdo power.
  3. Design and supply solar wind and micro-hydro electric systems.

Wind Solar

  1. Wind and solar power.
  2. Engineer and distribute wind generators solar panel arrays and combined wind and solar systems.
  3. Annual worldwide sales are now estimated at $4-5 billion. Wind and solar PV industries are growing at 20-30% per annum.

Mw Wind

  1. The project uses state-of-the-art 1.5-megawatt (MW) wind turbines.
  2. Wigton in the parish of Manchester proved to be most feasible and a 20.7MW wind power plant was constructed. (Web site)


  1. An Iowa wind turbine owner must cope with these large variations.
  2. The states with the most wind production are California, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wyoming. (Web site)


  1. Expanded wind capacity has also brought lower costs.
  2. Wind technology is, in fact, the fastest-growing generation source in the world.
  3. Wind brings a variety of benefits to generation resource portfolios.
  4. In Germany, where wind is really big, 15% of grid capacity is windmills. (Web site)
  5. Wind-power, small hydropower, bio-fuels, geothermal and more are far easier to produce.


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