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  1. Wire: A wire is a slender rod or filament of drawn metal.
  2. A wire is a single, usually cylindrical, elongated strand of drawn metal.
  3. The wire is a very critical part of your LOW VOLTAGE LIGHTING system.
  4. The wire is a steel cable on which diamond grit-impregnated beads are held in place by plastic spacers.
  5. Cable: A group of individually insulated conductors in twisted or parallel configuration under common sheath.

Building Wire

  1. Building wire and cable, electric, insulated, mfg.
  2. In 1978, UL issued a standard for connectors for aluminum building wire.

Ignition Wire

  1. Accurately represents 7 and 8mm standard ignition wire.
  2. It's made by Detail Master for experienced modelers. FactsRace cars often use a heavily insulated ignition wire that is thicker than street car wire.

Coil Wire

  1. The block is also tapered, so that the coil of wire may be easily slipped off upwards when finished.
  2. Anping Galvanized Wire Factory produces galvanizd iron wire in the form of coil wire, spool wire, cut wire or U type wire.


  1. Contract manufacturer,OEM for cable assemblies & harnesses.
  2. Airborn, Inc. Manufacturer of electronic connectors and cable and harness assemblies.
  3. Eraser Co., Inc. (The) Manufacturer of IR heating tools, brushes and wire cutting, dereeling and stripping equipment.
  4. EDM wires manufacturer and exporters of cold rolled wires nickel silver wire, phosphor bronze coated wires and brass electrode wires.
  5. Request for Quote Wire Rope Corporation of America is a custom manufacturer of wire rope, cable assemblies, aircraft cables and mechanical cable assemblies.

Wire Drawing

  1. Hengbang is engaged in wire drawing, wire annealing and galvanizing with choice material as raw material.
  2. Dies, wire drawing, mfg.
  3. Our advantage is our rich experiences in iron wire drawing and galvanizing.

Mesh Products

  1. We also supply series iron wire processed mesh products.
  2. Yuandong Wire Mesh Factory is engaged in manufacture and export of wire mesh products.


  1. Info: Very fine wire that is white in color.
  2. Computerized design, surfacing, cutterpaths, CNC machining, CNC die sinking and CNC wire cutting.


  1. Preferably, the furnish is first formed into a wet web on a foraminous forming carrier, such as a Fourdrinier wire.
  2. CHC Wire produces wire for companies that are in the forming and fastener industries. Cleveland Wire Cloth & Mfg.:- Cleveland Wire Cloth & Mfg.
  3. R & R Machinery has been serving the spring coiling and wire forming industry since 1973.
  4. Main lines are recirculating valves and accessory parts for centrifugal pumps, as well as machinery for spring coiling and forming and wire and tube bending.

Iron Wire

  1. We offer hot-dipped zinc-coated iron wire for the global market.
  2. We also process PVC Coated Iron Wire, from 0.7mm to 4.0mm, in a variety of colors.

Wire Mesh

  1. Wire mesh, mfg.
  2. Welded wire mesh, woven wire mesh, galvanized wire, wire nails, etc.
  3. We also supply welded wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, black iron wire cloth, chain link fence as well as other iron wire mesh for customers.


  1. Insulated wire and cable, mfg.
  2. Nails, wire, mfg.
  3. Gates, metal (exc. wire), mfg.
  4. Asbestos covered electric wire and cable, mfg.
  5. Wire and cable, not insulated, copper and copper alloy, mfg.


  1. Wire, multiple strand, steel, mfg.
  2. Nickel coated stainless steel wire.
  3. Makes brass aluminium S.S. (stainless steel) cable glands & accessories for cable construction applications.

Wire Rope

  1. Wire rope, steel, mfg.
  2. Specialists in steel wire fabrication and custom assemblies.


  1. Stranded conductors wire is only ment for patch cables.
  2. Service Wire is a totally integrated manufacturer of electrical wire and cable.
  3. Offers brass, aluminium and copper cable glands terminals wiring, earthing grounding accessories.
  4. Manufacturer and distributor of industrial and electrical wire, coaxial cable, shrink tubing, Teflon-- and PVC sleeving.


  1. Charmilles Robofil 2030SI wire EDM machine in action on a tooling component.
  2. Punches, dies and track bits, "EDM" wire cut and die springs, custom jig grinding, special retainers, nitrogen cylinders.

Cable Wire Harness

  1. Accutek Assemblies, Inc. Assembly of cable and wire harness, panel, chassis, thru-hole pcb.
  2. Meltronics, Inc. Circuit board manufacturing and assembly, cable and wire harnesses, and sheet metal machining.


  1. Product forms include strip, wire, wire rod and bar.
  2. Magnan Audio Cables- From California. One speaker wire is a 5-inch-wide strip of copper.
  3. Our Precious Metals Fabrication Group produces metal brazing alloys and silver products including sterling silver and silver alloy wire and strip.

Wire Cable

  1. ACTPAC Family Cable Ties The ACTPAC is a convenient cable tie multi-pack, available in natural and black.
  2. Other PVC wire and cable products include flexible cord, appliances, automotive, communication and miscellaneous wire.


  1. No wire and cable producer is integrated backward toward resin production.
  2. They did this on their own. They did NOT want to be held hostage to a single wire producer Raychem.


  1. High carbon wire is in sizes of .050 to .225.
  2. Standard sizes are determined by various wire gauges.

Tie Wire

  1. We also offers iron woven wire for customers.
  2. Iron wire can be further processed into cut wire, U type wire or tie wire for specific requirements.
  3. Straight cut wire is a kind of tie wire made with iron wire cutting to certain sizes after being straightened.

Copper Wire

  1. Hard Drawn Copper Wire: Copper wire that has not been annealed after drawing.
  2. Then, the copper wire was rolled and softened similarly to the above to thereby produce a flat conductor.

Magnet Wire

  1. Products: Copper and aluminum magnet wire, bare and tape-insulated copper, copper-based alloys and aluminum.
  2. Magnet wire and cable, insulated, mfg.


  1. Wire rope (cable) is made by forming wires into strands that are then wound on a core.
  2. The end product is a highly flexible, strong wire rope that can be spliced easily into slings or other assemblies.
  3. Joseph and Sedalia, MO and a wire mill in Chillicothe, MO. In Kirksville, MO, they produce a wide range of wire rope assemblies.


  1. Treatment of fencing wire: Electro galvanized or hot-dip galvanized.
  2. Zinc coating for Electro Galvanized Iron Wire: about 8gram to 12gram.
  3. Galvanized iron wire is one of the major products of Anping Fangxing Wire Mesh Factory.


  1. If a ledge has two open sides, the wire saw can cut the entire block free.
  2. An important point in wire-drawing is that of lubrication to facilitate the operation and to lessen the wear on the dies.
  3. The applicator felt advantageously has a volume of 1 to 10 cm.sup.3 per metering pin and per wire to be coated.
  4. They are made from ferrous or non-ferrous drawn wire and are available in a range of strand, cores and constructions.


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