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  1. XACML is a standard language for expressing access control, or authorization, policy, and a standard format for expressing queries over these policies.
  2. XACML is a standard for secure information access using Extensible Markup Language (XML).
  3. XACML is an initiative to develop a standard for access control and authorization systems.
  4. XACML is a specification that defines an access control mechanism based on Xml documents.
  5. XACML is used to represent and evaluate access control policies.


  1. XACML has been extended to support the override mechanism.

Query Language

  1. XACML includes a policy language and a query language that results in a Permit, Deny, Intermediate (error in query) or Not Applicable response.

Single Language

  1. Some other interesting points for XACML is that a single language must be learned to define AccessControl policies for any project.


  1. At the root of XACML is a concern with access policies -- what XACML refers to as a Policy or a PolicySet.


  1. XPointers and XPaths are defined within tags in the XML resource that inform the parser to check the XACML policies and where to find them.


  1. My favourite feature of XACML is the how powerfull the language is, and of course very extensible (funtions, data types, combination algorithms, etc).


  1. This information is then delivered to an application designed to process it with the intended goal of using XACML to allow or deny access to an XML resource.
  2. The access to location information (as XML objects) can be controlled by XACML policies.


  1. Authorization may be implemented using Role based access control, access control lists or a policy language such as XACML.


  1. XACML receives a SAML request to determine if access should be granted to a resource based on rule sets, or policies, that are defined by the provider.
  2. XACML stands for Extensible Access Control Markup Language, and its primary goal is to standardize access control language in XML syntax.


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