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  1. Xynomavro is the red grape of Macedonia, where it produced deep, dense, earthy red wines that are often oak-aged.
  2. Xynomavro is a red winegrape cultivar that is vigorous with large clusters.
  3. Xynomavro is one of the two most highly regarded of the Greek red cultivars (Agiorgitiko being the other).
  4. Indeed the Xynomavro is regarded as the most unwieldy of the major Greek cultivars.


  1. Krasato Native to Rapsani in Thessaly, Krasato is blended with Xynomavro and Stavroto for medium weight wines of good quality.


  1. Usually blended with two other grape wines, the Stavroto and Xynomavro. (Web site)


  1. The appellation stipulate an admixture of Xynomavro with a minimum of 20% Negoska.


  1. Xynomavro ripens very late, while retaining high levels of tannins, acidity and potential alcohol. (Web site)


  1. The Xynomavro grape can be found mainly in northern Greece, in Macedonia.


  1. Stavroto Stavroto is found mainly in Rapsani in Thessaly, where it is a component with Xynomavro and Krasato in Rapsani Appellation red wines.
  2. Krasato Krasato is native to Rapsani in Thessaly where it is a component with Xynomavro and Stavroto in Rapsani Appellation red wines.


  1. After Xynomavro, it is Greece 's second most widely planted grape variety. (Web site)


  1. The success of Greece's red wines in export markets is often thought to hinge on just a couple of red wine grapes; Agiorgitiko and Xynomavro.
  2. Agiorgitiko is one of the two widely-grown heat-resistant Greek wine -making grape varieties, the other being Xynomavro.


  1. Xynomavro (Macedonia, Greece)--pronounced ksee NO mav roe; highly tannic; spicy, dark-colored, with high acidity; home is Naoussa district of Macedonia.
  2. Some of the regional grapes to know include the whites, Assyrtico and Moscofilero as well as the reds, Agiorgitiko and Xynomavro.


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