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  1. Yosa Buson was a master poet as well as an artist.
  2. Yosa Buson was born in 1716 in an area near modern-day Osaka.

Yosa Buson

  1. He later changed his name to Yosa Buson.
  2. I am now working on a book on 18th century haikai poet and painter Yosa Buson.
  3. He was also a scholar of classical verse and published Shi no Genri (Principles of Poetry) and Kyoshu no shijin Yosa Buson (Nostalgic Poet Yosa Buson).
  4. These words echo the teachings of Bashô, but a more independent approach to these matters is to be found in Yosa Buson's works.
  5. Look in any book on haiku and the four poets that will always be represented are Matsuo Basho, Yosa Buson, Kobayashi Issa and Masaoka Shiki.


  1. The haiku above is on the grave of Yosa Buson.
  2. Yosa Buson (Taniguchi Buson) is a Haiku poet and visual artist.
  3. Yosa Buson, a master painter, brought a more artistic approach to haiga.
  4. Yosa Buson (1716-81) and Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828) were also important haiku poets.
  5. Taiga-s close contemporary was the acclaimed bunjin artist and haiku poet Yosa Buson.
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