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  1. Zeliard is a MS-DOS -based game.
  2. Zeliard is a fast-paced platform game.
  3. Zeliard is a platform video game developed and published by Game Arts in 1987 in Japan, and re-published in 1990 by Sierra in Europe and the United States.
  4. Zeliard was made by Game Arts in 1987 for the Japanese market.


  1. The protagonist and player-controlled character, Duke Garland, is sent by the spirits to aide Zeliard and save Felicia.
  2. There also existed a remake project, trying to convert Zeliard into a Windows -based game, perhaps with additions or improvements.
  3. Technical characteristics Zeliard is a MS-DOS -based game. (Web site)
  4. Zeliard. (game software) (evaluation) by Anthony Moses.
  5. Zeliard for PC Prices - GameSpot offers Zeliard prices allowing you to buy Zeliard for PC for less.
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